Demolitions in Umm alKheir

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Ariela and Michal (reporiting and photographing); Translator: Natanya

We went on the road to Umm el Kheir to see the latest demolitions there. This was after we had seen the dismal pictures which had been sent to us. We saw the elderly bearded father of Id lying on the ground at the feet of our soldiers … a picture which was sent on the day of the memorial for the Holocaust. Id's young brother took us there and could not understand why suddenly the demolition had come after 4 years when they had not come before. They destroyed the area which had been built for the goats.  It seems that Id has been in the US already  for the last month and the brother does not know what his brother does there. 

It is always hard to see what the life of these poor people is like as they live next to the  flourishing  large settlement of Carmel.

We also went to visit Azim and  Wadha in Susya, where the sword of destruction always hangs over them and a few weeks ago they demolished a neighbor's house.

People with a noble soul. His life of constant worry plowed his face in deep furrows and a sadder look than ever.

Although we can not really help except to buy what  Wadha's wonderful hands make.

Our support and interest always makes them happy.

I wish we could do more than just  be sorry and ashamed