Beit Imrin - Settlers injure Palestinians

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Fathiya A’ transfers a telephone report. Translator: Charles K.

Report based on a telephone conversation with M.

Yesterday, Wednesday, 6.5.20, a group of settlers from Halamish came down to Beit Imrin, the nearby village.  On the way, they encountered a shepherd, fell upon him, beat him, stole the flock, and returned the way they came.  People working in the area arrived and called the army.  The soldiers came and returned the flock.  The people called an ambulance which evacuated the shepherd in critical condition, with three fractures in his right leg.

A second incident four days ago, Sunday, 3.5.20.  Settlers from Yizhar took over more land near the settlement and began cultivating it.  When they could bear it no longer the landowners gathered and confronted the head of the local council and its members demanding they solve the problem.  They decided to expel the settlers.  More people joined them, and with the council, the head went to the location and chased the settlers away.  But the problem is that they don’t have official land registry documents for the plots.  They’re helpless.  It’s only a matter of time before the settlers return.

Yesterday I called N.  He told me that settlers from Givat Ronen come down to them almost daily and throw rocks.  Two days ago, when his wife was hanging laundry, one almost hit her leg.