Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Nili, Hagit (reporting); Translator:  Charles K.

Hebron, Southern Hebron Hills, Monday, 7.6.16, afternoon


Because our dedicated driver had things to do for Ramadan, we went at this time.

At the Meitar crossing the parking lot begins to empty.  Laborers told us of great congestion in the morning because everyone wants to leave earlier for work and also return earlier.

The afternoon is hot, no traffic on the roads – nor of the army.

The (illegal, on private land) outposts Asaha’el and Mitzpeh Aviga’il are being greatly enlarged, and construction of permanent housing is underway.

On Highway 356, next to the army’s pillbox, soldiers have set up a flying checkpoint and called the police because they discovered a stolen vehicle – they opened the hood and saw the VIN.




We left the printer for Fatma, in Susya, at Jamil’s grocery at Zif junction (she’d asked for one, and Yael Zoran donated it).

Hebron is quiet, soldiers no longer in position below Giv’at Ha’avot, and now there’s furniture for a synagogue and Israeli flags waving.



The banner at Beit Hameriva:



The soldiers guarding the building abandoned their position and went to sit inside.

The stairs up to the Cordova school are still a closed military area and only people on the soldiers’ list are allowed through.

Shuhada Street is closed even more tightly.

New flags at Beit Hameriva:



Renovations continue at the Pharmacy checkpoint:



Fifty years of occupation…