Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Hagit Back (reporting); Translator: Natanya

At the Meitar crossing when we passed through we saw the last of the workers and one bus for families of the prisoners.

We drove to Yatta so as to see if truly there is an “encirclementinfo-icon” and if it continues.

It seems that after the terrorist attack at Yavneh, large army forces entered Yatta through the Zif crossroads and remained there until the morning. We were told that the house of the terrorist had not yet been destroyed and that nothing was know about thefts. From Friday everything has been open as usual.

In the photo I am sitting with the man who gave me the information at the restaurant which has been opened at the Zif  crossing.

While we were chatting it turned out that we shared the same birthday and that he was a year older than I. So we took a photo together so that it should be known that there are Israelis of a different kind.

The checkpoint at the Kapisha crossing is nearly complete.

Basem who lives opposite the House of contention told us the following story:

Last Friday in the afternoon a group of friends were sitting outside their houses which are next to the Route of the Worshippers. The settlers who were coming from Kiryat Arba began throwing stones at them and they had to be hospitalized. Basem shows us photos. The soldiers who were accompanying them did not stop them. The soldiers then went from house to house and ordered the Palestinians to stay inside until the following morning. There was an absolute curfew.

The following morning soldiers stationed themselves on the roofs of  the Palestinians.

On the road the soldiers  stationed themselves in groups of twos at a distance of about 10 metres from one another. This was to protect the settlers who were coming down from Kiryat Arba. Shabbat in the evening at about ten two groups of settlers came down  and went wild in the streets One group came down from the House of Contention and another group of older people from Kiryat Arba and they sat in the area which the settlers call the neighborhood of the heroes. They went wild and  even beat the handicapped.

The soldiers ran after the settlers and did  not catch even one of them. Basem said that  the settlers looked like a flock of sheep.

Only in the morning did the frenzy subside and not one of  the settlers was arrested. We met the TIPH who corroborate the story.

In the picture the army signpost of the Route of the Worshippers.

In my opinion the checkpoints which are now at the entrance of H2 are the following:

There are six checkpoints:


  1. Kapisha
  2. The bend 160
  3. The pharmacy
  4. The barricade of the soldier
  5. The cemetery of Habad
  6. The archaeological garden.


The closer one comes to the Cave of the Patriarchs there are more and more checkpoints with Border Police and soldiers.

H2 will become more and more a ghetto to the Palestinians.

The Palestinians again complain they cannot travel in their cars on the Zion route and there is very little parking space for them next to the routes.

In short it seems that  the settlers will make every effort to make the life difficult  for the Palestinians and force them to leave ‘willingly’ this part of the town.

The other thing I saw today was the massive extension of the illegal outpost of Asael on road 317 and also the wide extension of Givat Gal next to the industrial area of Kiryat Arba

What will happen?

How much longer will we have to live with this nightmare?

So we took a photo together so that it should be known that there are Israelis of a different kind
Hagit Back
The military identification of the prayers route
Hagit Back
The Habad cemetery checkpoin
Hagit Back
Settlers going wild
Settleres going wild
The wounded being treated
A wounded