The face of the occupation like the face of Etzion DCL

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Netanya G. (camera), Shlomit S. Ora A (reporting) Naomi Gal translating


10.40 In the waiting room, many people waited, but it was not full. Empty seats remained. An older man said it was the third day he had come to DCL. For two days he waited for hours in the waiting room, did not enter the offices and had to come again the next day. He said "Today they are fine," and he hopes to enter. Near 11am, his hope was fulfilled. He was let in.

A 40-year-old man father of 10 children, said he had a work permit in Israel and worked for many years in Israel. His family also works in Israel and everyone has work permits. Three months ago, he suddenly found out that he is prevented from entering Israel. He is now trying to remove the prevention.

A young man selling coffee near DCL said that his mother, who worked as a cleaning lady in the Gush Etzion settlement, became GSS prevented. Her request to remove the prevention was rejected. It is possible to apply again, we referred her to Sylvia hoping she would find a way to help her.

We also referred to Sylvia a man whose driver's license was revoked for a month a year ago, but the prevention was not removed from the computer despite all attempts to remove it.

An elderly man said he came to the DCL in his son’s place, who was summoned to a meeting with the police. The son is a tourist guide. He arrived at the checkpoint with a group of tourists, but was arrested and told to meet with the police officer at DCL. After a short time, perhaps thanks to the tourists' presence, they allowed him to cross the checkpoint with the group. His father will meet with the policeman instead.

As we left the hall, we went over to check the condition of the toilets. To our surprise, the doors were open (they were previously locked). The filth is shocking. A guy who came to clean with a hose said there was no water in the faucet the hose was connected to. Before we left, we saw a man trying to fix the sink pipe.