Khalet Makhul: Thanks to the shepherds' escort, today's grazing passed peacefully

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Elena, Nava Toledano (reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

We came to Khalat Makhul at about 06:45 in the morning and arrived at Y’s tent, which is located  near the road that goes up to the settlement of Hemdat.  We left immediately for the pasture that is northeast of the training base next to Hemdat.  Y.’s herd consisted of about 250 sheep and goats.  That morning there was a military exercise going on, and shooting could be heard throughout the area.  We ascended the hills leading up to the road further away from the base.  We saw the settler Menachem when we looked down towards the foot of the mountain from the path.  His outpost is near the army base.  He was driving his all-terrain vehicle.  He didn’t drive up to where we were, but continued on his way.  Y. explained that he does not attack the shepherds if he sees that the escorts include women, but merely suffices with showing his presence.      


After two and a half hours of hiking the heat became intolerable, and the flock began to become impatient and wanted to return home.   Y. shortened the grazing time and we returned to his tent at 10:30.  We sat there and talked to the shepherd until the next team came to pick us up