Accompanying shepherds in the Jordan Valley

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Ariel M., Hagar G. (report and photos) Translated: Danah E.C.

We started west of the Rotem settlement, up to the fence of the Shadmot Mehola settlement, then back.
This time the sheep practically nibbled at the fence of the settlement. It may have been a retributive challenge to the person in charge of security in the settlement, who at the time removed 10 goats from the herd, just because he felt like it.
The flock runs back and forth, food is scarce.
From a distance I see that the shepherd settler in the high area "hosted" three armed guests on the hills. He immediately photographed us and they left.

The guests are representatives of the settler, serving a noble cause - reducing the Palestinian shepherd's grazing area as much as possible. Not because of any shortage of grazing land, there is plenty of that, they just feel like it ... with the support of the sovereign institutions.

I will return tomorrow up the hills to find out which of his men the settler will send to us.