Aanin checkpoint: the fence is even higher

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Hannah Heller, Gili Kugler, Neta Golan )Reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

15:00 –A’anin Agricultural Checkpoint

 16 people and two tractors were waiting to cross.    The two soldiers responsible for guarding the fence were hidden in a guard booth at the center of the checkpoint.  The fence has been repaired, renovated, and made higher.  A vehicle from the military police drove along the  security road evidently on its way to the Tibeh Romena Checkpoint.  

One of the people waiting complained to us that the checkpoint opens only twice a week and that the people have higher expenditures because they have to travel to Reihan Checkpoint that is far away on the other days.   He explained that the fare for a taxi ride from the checkpoint to A’anin costs NIS3, the fare from A’anin to Jenin costs NIS 8, and from Jenin to Barta’a Checkpoint costs NIS 18,   and from Barta’a Checkpoint to fields belonging to residents of A’anin located in the seamline zone costs NIS 10, and the same fare for the return trip.  Consequently the trip costs NIS 36 each way.   This costs NIS 100 each day including cigarettes.

15:20: the military policemen returned and opened the checkpoint on time.  People’s permits were checked and they crossed quickly.  When we left another car arrived with three women.   We were grateful that they had arrived on time and did not have to drive all the way


We drove past Barta’a Checkpoint and the parking lots surrounding it.  It was less crowded than usual due to the heavy rains that had fallen in the morning.


15:40 – Yaabed – Dotan Checkpoint

The checkpoint was not manned as usual and traffic was moving in both directions.


15:55 Hermesh Checkpoint

As usual the checkpoint was not manned as it has not been for a long time, and traffic was moving.


On our way back to Barta’a Checkpoint we saw that new small parking lots  were being constructed on both sides of the bridge near Zubeida.  

At the parking lot beneath Zubeida cars were already parked, while the other one was still not ready.    It was not clear why cars were still parked on the sides of the road even where it was marked with red and white stripes.


Reihan – Barta’a Checkpoint, 16:10, Palestinian Side

The parking lot was not full and a small number of people were returning from work.  Two women were among the people crossing.  One woman crossed to the seamline zone.   The peanut vendor was sitting near the shed, but there were no strawberries or cakes today.   One man complained that his work permit had not been renewed, but he did not know why.   Perhaps Sylvia’s team that helps people in this predicament can help.   Another man explained that he works as a maintenance worker in buildings in Hadera.  His employer came to pick him up at 07:00  and at that time the checkpoint was not crowded.  We were told that this morning the checkpoint was not crowded – an advantage of the storm.


16:40 – Tura – Shaked Checkpoint

There was no traffic at this hour and we drove home.

















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