Jaba - telephone report in Corona days

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Ronit R. - telephone report in Corona days; Translator: Natanya

Report in Corona days

On the eve of the holiday, A. got in touch.

Recently he had contacted me about handling his application for removal of his prevention of entering Israel. Apparently handled by our friend Tammy Schelef and he is apparently waiting for an answer to a request he filed for removal. I gave him Tammy's phone, we were in touch a few times and he must have finally got in touch with  Tammy and didn't get back to me. But on the eve of the holiday, he called to wish me  a happy holiday and to ask how we are.

I was very happy to hear from him  and asked how they are . He lives in Jaba, near Qalandiya. He is currently in solitary confinement at his home, following his doctor's advice, after apparently being in contact with a patient in Ramallah who has been checked. The isolation is expected to end  in two days, and in the meantime he does not have any symptoms. The whole village is in quarantine, but there is everything in the shops and nothing is wanting. There are currently no verified patients in the village.