Burin - land confiscation

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Carol Cook, Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

14:10, Eliyahu Crossing.  At the bus station behind the crossing, on the Palestinian side, there was a military jeep and soldiers got out of it and began to check the workers  and every Palestinian who went through.

14:25.  Next to the road opposite the village of Lakif, near the settlement Karnei Shomron, there was a new military post and 2 women soldiers with drawn weapons stood at the station.

14:35.  Opposite the village of Jinsafut several soldiers were standing and stopping Palestinian vehicles and carrying out inspections.

14:40.  Jit Junction - the post was manned.

15:00.  Burin - the post opposite the school was manned.  We were told by our friend, Doha, that they are about to confiscate a few sections from the land belonging to the village.  We spoke on the telephone with the head of the town (the town hall was closed) and he told us that on Tuesday, 6.08, the town had received an announcement about the confiscation of 3 sections. One of the sections is called Almalsa, near Har Bracha, which will increase the area of the settlement.  The second is called Bustama, near Izhar, and the third is Alfardis, near the DCO. The municipality called to the residents on the mosque's loud speakers that anyone who owned pieces of this land should come with his documents on the following day, Wednesday, 7.08, to the DCO of Nablus, which is next to Awarta. Indeed the residents did this and came to the DCO, where they were detained for 4 hours until they were received.  Concerning the section which is near the DCO, they told them that they wanted to enlarge the DCO and offered them that they should rent them the area or else accept monetary compensation or receive alternative land (which, of course, had already been confiscated from Palestinians!).  Concerning the other 2 sections, they were told that time was up, the DCO was closing and that they should come another day.

16:20  Huwwara.  The checkpoint was manned, careful inspections with no exceptions.   Therefore, a huge traffic jam was formed in both directions.  A lot of soldiers were scattered around the areas near the checkpoint.

16:30  Beit Furik, things were moving.