House demolitions in South Hebron Hills

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Ariela and Muhammad. Translator: Natanya
הקיר החיצוני של ביתו של אבו סאפי
ציור של בתו של אבו סאפי
ציור של בתו של אבו סאפי

At the Meitar checkpoint, the parking lot is full as if there is no corona. On Route 317 a bulldozer is driving in front of us on its way to destroy or to make a barricade. Before the settlement of Asael, we notice vehicles parked on the road, probably for demolition operations. The target for demolition appears to be the water facility located at the top of the hill.

On the way we arrived at Wadi Radayim whose translation of the name into Hebrew is "The Falling Stones" and arrived at a no-home, Abu Safi's house, following a phone call from him to Muhammad about an unpleasant visit by a settler named Israel. The settler goes down with his herds to the plots of the families who live there and destroys the agricultural crops.

I liked the mirror hanging on a wall outside Abu Safi's house. It is very deceptive, but maybe it hangs there because it is the only sight-seeing place that exists in the compound.

As I was walking towards the house I met Rania, 20, one of Abu Safi's daughters. When she saw that I was from MachsomWatch she ran home and came back with her portfolio that left me speechless. According to her father, she never studied painting. I pass a few photos of her paintings. About one the pictures above I asked her if she was angry when she drew them and she replied that she was very angry. When I asked her if she would like to study, she pointed with her hand at the house and said nothing.

I keep thinking about Rania and many other talented young people and  that the barrier they face is much higher than all the barriers and concrete blocks we report.

We continued from there to another family living in Wadi, the family of Ahmad Abdullah Zarir. The settler Israel also visited him with his herd and came right to the door of his house.

In the background you can see the separation fence and some pine trees, a reminder of the JNF that cared for the area until 2007, when the separation fence was erected.

On the way home we received a report from Nasser that the water tank we saw next to the steel monster had been confiscated.

Preventing water from reaching humans and animals is a crime that it is difficult to just report on and go on to our daily affairs