Etzion DCO -The bureaucracy of the occupation: the ultimate torture

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Shlomit S.  Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

Only a few cars were parked outside. In the empty waiting room, the new rows of seats glistened. Most of the people who came today to DCL were GSS and police prevented. Some were prevented for a whole century! The ID’s of all were taken away. Even from people with valid permits. One said he thought they took his permit because he fought with a collaborator. Others said they are prevented for 15 years already, they were never imprisoned and have no idea what is the reason for the prevention.

A Police prevented said that on a very hot day, on his way to Be'er Sheva, his car broke down next to a watermelon patch. He and his friend went out and got one watermelon to eat and quench their thirst. They were caught by police forces and accused of stealing, no less. He became police prevented (from working in Israel) for three years because of this terrible crime. Now an attorney handles the case.

We were told that the prevention was removed for people from Beit Omar, who were summoned to DCL last week. Apparently, there was need for workers. A young man, who came up to us, said that the first condition to remove his prevention, he has to get a letter from an Israeli employer who declares he is willing to employ him. He turned to an employer who demanded NIS 700 for the letter. Deep despair.