Jordan Valley - Escorting shepherds

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Mikcy Fischer, Rachel Afek (reporting and phographing) Translator: Charles K.
Jewish Terror

A wonderful day.  Sunny, blue skies.  The land splashed with brown and green, very muddy.

We congratulated Najya on Janat’s birth, the tenth and latest sister.  Najya went to give birth at 9 pm and was home by 10 the next morning, when she certainly resumed her cheesemaking.

We accompanied Yussuf Bisharat from Khalet Makhul

We went out grazing for a short while without any problems.

We continued with Hagar Sheizaf who had been invited by the group which escorts shepherds so she could see what is going on and speak with those who live there.

We went first to Hamra.  We showed her the area where there’s a daily confrontation between Mu’in and Moshe.  We met with Fadel in Hamra, lower down, and went up with him to the area of his confrontations with Moshe, whose outpost is about 500 meters from Fadel’s tents.


Moshe has a camerainfo-icon pointed directly at the location where Fadel and his cousin’s flock graze.  He shows up as soon as he sees them, either by himself or those who follow his orders.  As a result, they haven’t grazed there for a few months.  They prefer to avoid coming near him and any contact with him.  The recent incidents, during which Moshe and his guys attacked the flock (in November and December), caused pregnant ewes to abort.

All these events seriously damage their lives and their economic situation.

We then met Barhan at Khalet Makhul and Fauzi, Iman and Hahaj in Samra who also described similar incidents:  an attack by Uri, a settler from the outpost near Umm Zuka, and his guys, who use ATVs to chase away the sheep, as well as drone cameras and come to their homes to threaten them.  If they complain to the Israelis (who are us) it will only harm them – a fence will be erected that limits their grazing land.