South Hebron Hills, Hebron - propaganda against a Palestinian State, closed shops

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Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
השלט בכניסה לחברון

I was going to meet Basel Adra from A-Tuwani, but he was busy and so we postponed the meeting till next week and just spoke on the phone. Basel has a permit to enter Jerusalem for meetings  with peace organizations but  to his surprise was not given permission. At his request, I inquired with an officer of the DCO (thanks to Hannah Barag) who, to my surprise, welcomed us and our actions and answered me very politely. According to him, because of the Corona, only workers and those sick can enter now. Basel says that the settlers from Maon Farm recently set up more caravans and came closer to their settlement. 

Or we will report what we will see  next week.

He speaks about the demolitions of yesterday and the previous day in the Umm al-Khair area and what is called Masafar Yatta in the edga of the Yehuda desert.

Heartbreaking what goes on there with people.


Almost completely desolate, all  the shops in front of the Patriarch's cave are closed . No tourists and passersby and so there is no reason to open any stores other than the food stores. The children  have been on holiday for three months and will be back in September if possible.

The situation there is more difficult than that of ours.

At the southern entrance to Hebron in front of more or less Bani Nayim, the one beginning in the industrial area of ​​Kiryat Arba is the sign pictured below. According to Leah Shkadiel's report, there is also one at the northern entrance and down the road to Gush Etzion.

The settlers threaten us.