Hamra (Beqaot), Jordan Valley, Khirbet Makhul, Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachel Hayut (reporting and photos). Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
בקעת הירדן: המאחז החדש מדרום להתנחלות רותם ממשיך להתפתח
Jordan Valley: the new outpost south of Rotem continues to grow.
Rachel Hayut

09:30 – We crossed Bezek Checkpoint.

The ascent to Tayasir as well as Tayasir Checkpoint on the way to Al-Akaba

There was little traffic on the road. the training areas were empty. A small truck towing a water tank was going west.

Tayasir Checkpoint

Two large military trucks were parked next to the watchtower. A woman soldier was busy next to the water faucet. A refrigerator truck was parked on the road to the checkpoint. Army vehicles were parked at the deserted army camp.

The Village of Al Akaba

The mayor of the village, Haj Sami, told us about the military maneuvers that were taking place around the village. There were shootings, loud noises, soldiers in the streets of the village at night, but not in the houses. The villagers took in families from the communities of Bezek and Yarza, who had received orders to leave their homes because of military maneuvers.

We left a lot of babies’ and children’s clothing and shoes in the storeroom of the regional council. The Haj said that if they were not needed in Al Akaba they would certainly be used in Tayasir or Tubas.

The Alon Route

There was a lot of activity near the army camp at Khalat Makhul Junction. It appeared that the army was preparing to leave since three tanks were loaded on their carriers. The embankment had been extended northward.

Hamra Checkpoint

The place looked deserted. The gate was closed, and there was not a single soldier in the watchtower. The entire road was empty. Only the “love block” (see photo) was there to greet us.

Khalat Makhul

Everyone was busy with the flocks. Y.’s children came and  we gave them babyinfo-icon toys and shoes for adults.

We drove behind tanks that were going north on the Alon Route, on our way to the Bezek Checkpoint.

Bezek Checkpoint -12:00

We were asked to show our ID cards and open the trunk of our car, and were then permitted to continue on our way.

בקעת הירדן: אהבה בצומת מחולה
Rachel Hayut
בקעת הירדן: אהבה במחסום חמרה
Jordan Valley: Love Block at Hamra Junction
Rachel Hyut