Azzun - according to Z., soldiers hurled teargas into the village following the prisoners’ getaway

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Rachel Afek; Translator: Tal H.

September 9, 2021
Rachel Afek

While I was on my weekly visit to Azzun, Z. told me that yesterday, namely Wednesday evening when it got dark, soldiers stood at the entrance to Azoun and hurled teargas into the village for nearly two hours. It penetrated everywhere. Whoever dared come out of their home could not breathe. It was all a matter of angry ventilation following the prisoners’ getaway.

While I was there, the street scene was the usual one. People sat in their waterpipe cafes and talked. And it’s obvious what everyone’s topic of conversation was today. The Palestinian version of conspiracy: the Israeli General Security Services know where the prisoners are but is biding time in order to wreak havoc. Show them who is stronger.

On another matter: I thought the squills were not flowering this year, and didn’t understand this. But on my way from Izbat Tabib to Azzun (on the old road) they flower in great numbers, in derelict fields. As usual.