Zanuta is deserted and empty

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Muhammad D. and Raya Y. (reporting); Translator: Natanya

We crossed the Meitar checkpoint, deserted and empty of cars and people, there is no entering and exiting through the gatesinfo-icon of the checkpoint.

We drove on road 60 towards Zanuta. On the right side of the road Zanuta was deserted and empty. All the residents and their flock of sheep had left their property and fled because of the threats of the settlers in the direction of Shweika.

We continued on the road and turned to road 317 and on the left side at the beginning of the road, the Israeli flag is hoisted over the house of Amar who was expelled by the settlers.

Near Asa’el on the side of Samu, two new positions of the IDF with Israeli flags.

We continued to the Sha'ab al Butum intersection and met Yshak Jabarin who informs us that his vehicle was taken two days ago by the IDF because the owner of the reported vehicle is Israeli and not Palestinian. He did not receive a receipt from the soldiers indicating that his vehicle was towed by them. Eyal from Meitar came to his rescue, checked, dealt with it and the vehicle was returned to its owner after two days. Thanks to Eyal, without whom we would have witnessed another injustice.

Yshak says that every night they come but he is afraid to take pictures because their phones are confiscated.

Leila, the wife of Muhammad from the Jabarin family, whose house is closer to Avigail, says that at night settlers came and spilled their food, broke equipment and harassed them all the time so as to evict them from the area.