Fuqeiqis – a settler enters their land with his dogs and sheep

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Michal (photographing  and reporting) and Muhammad. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya

Route 60:

We headed west on the road leading to Hursa. Reminder: For several years, the people of this village have been living and suffering from the barrier and the pillbox that were built right inside the settlement, while the neighbourhood divan is already beyond the barrier. The purpose of the checkpoint: to monitor the road to the Negohot settlement and its outposts - Negohot A, Negohot B, and the farm of a settler named Hagai which is next to them. Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the road to Negohot passes through the village.

The residents say that every day randomly , the soldiers come down from the pillbox for an hour or two and delay the cars so as to inspect them. Two days before they found a suspicious object, then after blowing it up the forces remained on standby all day.

It is also said that the settlers on their way to Negohot drive like crazy and push the Palestinian cars to the side of the road.


A small village right next to Negohot. We went to see how the Jadallah family is doing. They live in the middle between the two Negohot, and near Hagai's farm (an illegal farm).

We were told that the settler from the illegal farm continues to come with his herd and dogs to the family's territory and tries to push them out. This is their daily routine. We also see development and preparation works for roads and surfaces in Negohot.

Back to Route 60:

We went to the Dura Al Fawwar area. People say they are on hold right now. They are waiting to see and trying to understand the trend of the new government. In the meantime, they feel the situation is getting worse. No building permits are issued anywhere. Soldiers are now allowed to open fire with nothing to hold them back.

"They don't understand" the person we are interviewing tells us: "Everything will come back to hit them and even  harder."