South Hebron Hills - corona vaccinations for Palestinians entering Israel

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

At the Meitar checkpoint, Muhammad Abu Arkov, who works as a construction worker in Sderot, tells us that  eesterday he was vaccinated for the first time. The vaccinations were carried out inside a Magen David Adom tent set up at the checkpoint. Although there was a long queue of those waiting, they did not wait long and  the queue was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Muhammad was invited to come in 21 days again to receive the additional vaccine. Very happy and satisfied.

The merchants have not yet been vaccinated and therefore do not have a permit to trade in Israel.

On Route 60, an army jeep is parked near the checkpoint at the entrance to Samo'.

Farhan from Simia reports that there is no schooling because of the corona. In addition a lawsuit is being filed against the school building located in the center of the village. Farhan believes that the administration will not demolish the structure and allow students to learn.

At the alFawwar junction, the army blocks the entrance.

We returned on Route 317. At the entrance to Pnei Hever, the gate open, the pillbox unmanned and no soldiers.

On the way we met Aziz from Umm al-Kheir, who informed us that he had been asked to dismantle the small toilet he had built next to the kindergarten.