Sha'ab el Butum - terrible daily violence by settlers from Avigail

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Samdar Becker (reporter and photographer) with Muhammad (photographer);Translator: Natanya
שעב אל בוטום - רגלו החבולה של מוחמד ג'בארין אחרי כ-20 יום ועדיין סובל מכאבים
שעב אל בוטום - עם מוחמד ג'בארין בפתח הבית
שעב אל בוטום - שמחת הילדים מחממת את הלב. אצל משפחת יסחאק ג'בארין

A shift to   Sha'ab al Butum, Masafer Yatta

We visited the Jabarin family, Leila and Muhammad, whom we have visited before to follow up on the events that took place following the terrible violence of settlers from Abigail, day after day. Violence and evil that mercilessly harm the family. Muhammad and Leila are at home with their 3 daughters.

Muhammad says that his phone was taken from him at the Etzion Prison and has not been returned to him to this day. It probably won't be returned either, because there is a record of the event on 28/2/24, when he was accused of throwing stones at the settlers. The two boys, who were just yesterday released from detention in Etzion prison, where they were kept for about 20 days, are in a hospital in Yatta. They were severely harmed as a result of daily physical violence. Muhammad was severely beaten in the stomach and neck and injured in the knee. The injuries are severe.

The day after Muhammad's return from detention (he was there for one day and was released on bail of 1,000 NIS), a number of settlers, in military uniform, came to the family and began questioning him about his arrest. Volunteers who were staying at their home called lawyer, Kamar, who warned them about the impostors and asked her not to talk to them.

Leila and Muhammad talk about settlers from the nearby settlements, Avigail and Mitzpe Yair, who come, sometimes riding ATVs and sometimes on horses. They come to show their presence and scare. Yesterday, the day before our visit, a number of settlers from Abigail tried to steal the only donkey they have that is near their house. When they saw the family members taking pictures of this, they left.

I ask about their friend Abu Hani, whom we visited several times in the past. Abu Hani has an area between Mufaqara and Sha'ab el Butum. A few months ago, IDF soldiers uprooted all his fruit trees (about 90 trees) and expelled him. It turns out that settlers tried several times to reach his territory, destroy and loot his little property, but the army forbade entry there, both to Palestinians and to settlers, and the settlers arrived there with a cart and a donkey and were documented by Israeli volunteers (from the photograph we received from Muhammad Jabarin) carrying out their plan. We gave them a package of food and clothes that help them a little.

We continued to the Ishak Jabarin family, who live nearby, we blessed them and brought them groceries and clothes as well. The children are so happy to see us, and we them.

Another visit to Ibrahim Jabarin. We were welcomed by his daughter Olah with her little daughter Meri. We also left clothes, toys and sweets for them.

Tonight is the beginning of Ramadan. We wish them and the rest of the Muslims, Ramadan Kareem.