Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Lea Sh. Translator: Natanya

Immediately upon the ascent to Road 60 from the direction of Meitar Crossing, 2 jeeps were parked near the gaps in the fence that were used by the illegal workers. Now everything is blocked.

2. The traffic police is stopping cars, but according to M., only Palestinians or Israeli Arabs are being fined.

3. Dura-El Fawwar Junction: It is obvious that the soldiers are very nervous and stand with their weapons ready.

Another position is manned about 200 meters south of the junction.

4. M. says that this year Ramadan is more difficult than any other year, there is an increase in prices, and also the illegal workers cannot make a living. There are still ways to get into Israel but the rise in prices is very steep

5. Philosophical reflection - Ramadan is actually the time to forgive and resolve conflicts.

Conversation with Tawfiq in Khursa:

Almost every morning and afternoon, during the stressful hours of walking to school and back home, there are delays at the checkpoint. Although the soldiers are behaving well, it is disturbing. Since he drives his daughters to Dura (from there they have a shuttle to the university) and other children towards Negohot, it turns out that he has been delayed and searched more than once, the soldiers, of course, do not remember a face.

When a military jeep stops somewhere, children throw stones and he tries to calm them down.

The family diwan (a shared community room for celebrations and times of mourning) is trapped inside the pillbox compound. Whenever there is a need to use it, people wait for hours, even in the rain, until permission to enter is granted. For example, the breaking of the fast at Ramadan (the Iftar meal), or when a woman dies and the family need the diwan, or when a betrothal is about to take place and one family comes to ask for the hand of the a member of the other family. The large crowd that arrives on these occasions scares the soldiers, and they in turn scare the guests. The soldiers have no authority to authorize entry to the diwan. Tawfiq spoke today with the head of the DCO and received a promise that guests would be allowed to enter.....

The soldiers in the pillbox are equipped with binoculars - are they peeking into the houses? The thought is very disturbing.

And also: on the bypass road south of the pillbox there have been several fatal accidents, until a traffic circle was built there

 Cement bags have recently been brought to the pillbox. it is not clear why.

At 11 am the children are already returning from schools. M. wonders if it's because of Ramadan or because of a teachers' strike.