Halhul, Hebron, Tarqumiya

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: Ruthi K., Raya Y. (reporting), Muhammad; Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya

Tarkumiya CP:

On Hol HaMoed (between the Passover holidays) Meitar is quite deserted, probably because of the closureinfo-icon.

Route 35:

Today, Monday, is the day of the march of settlers, ministers and Knesset members to Evyater. This is probably why there is a large presence of the army, and many vehicles with Israeli flags.

In Idna, the checkpoint is manned by three soldiers patrolling the intersection area.

About half a kilometre from the Tarkomiya intersection, at the entrance to the quarry, and also before the Telem settlement, military vehicles conduct patrols.

Near Telem there is a new sign announcing the expansion of the settlement.

On one of the hills, before the entrance to Hebron in front of Halhul, soldiers watch the road, with the Israeli flag waving next to them.

The intersection of Route 35 and Route 60 is blocked by a traffic jam that does not move. It is impossible to continue to Hebron.

That's why we went back towards Halhul and entered the glass factory. We wished Ramadan Kareem to Abu Ramzi, the owner of the store. He is glad we came. He is very worried about the situation.

כביש 35 - חיילים צופים על הכביש