'Azzun, Makkabim (Beit Sira)

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Leora G.B., Shoshi A. – reporting and photographs

A shift that is not exactly a shift. We had arranged the track according to the places which Ronit had fixed with the Palestinians, who are being taken care of by Sylvia’s team. But when they don’t have the sums required to pay the lawyer they cancel the meeting, sometimes without letting us know. Those who were intended to come to Nebi Elias didn’t arrive and we continue to Azun.

At the entrance to Azun there were a military jeep and four soldiers. We slow down to take photos. The soldiers, with a look that says what for God's sake these Israeli women do here – approach us. They want to know whether we know where we are and ask where we are heading. We tell them that we have come to visit a friend at Azun. They find it hard to believe. A conversation ensues. According to them the whole of Eretz Israel belongs to the people of Israel and there is absolutely no such thing as occupation or land robbery. This is our land they declare seriously. Poisoned brainwashed youngsters. Leora who has the patience of a teacher tries to explain and convince.


10.5.17 AZUN.jpg  

At Azun we unload the parcels and happily observe the improvement in Z’s condition.

After the Eliahu CP we stop for a Palestinian woman. She wants to reach Kfar Saba to find work. Her husband is in prison already a year and a half and at home, she has two hungry children. The heart bleeds for her. How did she pass the CP? She has a passage permit for one day. It’s her first time in Israel. She sounded rather confused. We decide to stop at the plant nursery. A. talks to her in Arabic and gets the impression that she is an imposter. She refuses to give identifying details. He tries to tells her that he wants to help her. They are both from Kilkilya and he knows the family. But in spite of her crying, it is difficult to understand what her real story is. She continues to travel with us a certain distance and asks to get off before we reach Jaljuliya. Soft hearted Leora gives her money and we part with heavy hearts.

10.5 17 MAKABIM GESHER.jpg


We continue to Modi’in where Ronit joins us. At the entrance to Beit Sira two Palestinians arrive to meet the lawyer ladies. The heat is very heavy.