Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Shelly B., Muhammad B. and Yehudit  Keshet (reporting)

Meitar Checkpoint. Dozens of workers are already returning home, so there is also plenty of traffic on Route 6.  At the crossroads is a new outpost of soldiers - meanwhile only an improvised tent on a hill above the road.

Because of Ramadan it is not polite to meet with people in the villages who rest during the hot days. So we went to A-Tuwani and met the Operation Dove volunteers who reported that the days were usually quiet and there was no harassment from the settlers from the surrounding areas.

But behind this pastoral scene we heard about the harassment of the residents by the Border Police, including Nasser, from the cooperative of the village who was forced to undress at a rolling checkpoint even in the presence of Operation Dove volunteers, though behind the army jeep. We visited him and he said that this often happened.

The cooperative is being renovated extensively and the store has meanwhile been transferred to one of the nearby villages.

In Susiya, Nasser, who is the representative of B'Tselem, will be going to a conference overseas about Susiya.

On our way back we saw hundreds of workers returning home. The last days of ramadan.