Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Nurit B. and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

Today is the holiday of Al Adkha

Already in the parking lot on the Israeli side, you can see families, couples and individuals taking advantage of the holiday/vacation and waiting for transportation or rides to Haifa, Acre, Jaffa and especially to the sea, even to Ashkelon. A police vehicle goes in for an inspection and drives around among them. There are relatively few vehicles in the parking lot on the Palestinian side. The soldiers' position at the end of the forest overlooking the road, still stands. 

We decide to visit Farhan Salmin, in Simia.

Four of the children and even 2 grandchildren were at home. I was very excited, because the beginning of my activity in the territories, about 16 years ago, with Machsomwatch and "Combatants for Peace" was at Farhan's house. His daughter was less than a year old and today she is finishing high school in a year. Beautiful, curious and pleasant. It was especially exciting to meet the family. Today is a holiday and we were lucky to have them at home.

It turns out that Farhan tried to drill in his areas between Yatta and Samu’ in the wadi to find a water well. He managed, he said, to dig quite deep, but the next day, when he came to continue drilling, he found that all the equipment had been stolen. It was a very large sum of money. In addition, there is also the loss of working days of the special drilling equipment, which is not his.

On our way to Al Fawwar, at the entrance to Dahariya from Route 60, we saw many vehicles waiting. This morning, a fatal accident occurred in the Hebron area, and four residents of Dahariya died.

On the way up to Deir Razih, many vehicles are standing next to them, with many young people waiting for the convoy of funeral vehicles. In front of us, the caravan heads south, many hundreds of cars, including 4 PA vehicles for each of the dead. Holiday and sorrow are combined with each other. The caravan continued for many miles as it headed for Dahariya.

Al-Fawwar: The junction is open. There are no soldiers around the square except in the pillbox. The convoy of funerals continues to flow from the north.