Barta`a Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Anin

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Hagar D. M., Dudu, her partner, Neta G. (reporting and photos), and Pierre, the driver. Marcia L., Translation

06:00 – An introductory tour for Hagar and Dudu of the two sleepy Barta’as.  This is a new place for them.  Dudu is surprised by the separation of citizenship and rights between the two towns that are physically connected and populated by one clan, the Kabaha.  The example I use to illustrate this situation is that a resident of Israeli West Barta’a travels to give birth at Hillel Yaffe in Hadera, while her friend from East Barta’a crosses the checkpoint on her way to give birth in the hospital in Jenin or Tulkarm.

06:15 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint, Seamline Zone Side

The parking lot is packed with Palestinian and Israeli vehicles that are waiting to transport workers to Israel and to Barta’a, which is in the Seamline Zone.  Many workers go up from the terminal via the sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed, roofed passage), that looks to Dudu like a cage. We go down the sleeve to the opening of the terminal. Many buy coffee at the buffet that is run by a settler from Harmish.  We arrived after rush hour.  There are no complaints; only one young man complains about the length of the sleeve and says he arrives at work tired.

06:40 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

We are too early.  It is still closed.


06:50 – Anin Checkpoint

A military policeman and policewoman arrive in their vehicle and open the checkpoint. The inspection takes place next to the middle gate adorned by yellow pillars.  Two tractors pass through and about 100 people, among them one woman.  The passage of the last two is delayed for some reason, but they also cross.  Two soldiers, “Guardians of the Fence,” that was placed there since the closing of the breach in the fence (see Observation, 24.07.2022), walk around as security personnel.  They have “housing” on the site, including water containers and garbage bins.


Many of those crossing wait for transportation to the junction of Highway 6535 that leads to Mei Ami and Umm-al Fahm.


07:20 – In Hadera, to Tura-Shaked Checkpoint


The checkpoint is open.  A few walk along the highway; others wait for transportation in the shed.  They say that generally, the checkpoint opens at about 07:00, 07.10.


07:30 – We return home.  Many of those who passed via Anin Checkpoint are still sitting at the junction