Palestinians Jordan Valley: today it is quiet, tomorrow the Hadidyacommunity will lose there homes

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Rachel (reporting), and a guest Translator:  Charles K.

There’s heavier traffic than usual on Highway 5.  Many military vehicles.  Apparently as a result of the murder in Barkan.

Military jeeps parked at a number of locations on the way down to the Jordan Valley.

An ordinary hot day.  Shepherds graze their flocks along the roadside.  Everything’s very dry; the flocks have no reason to be pleased it isn’t raining.  Fodder must be purchased at times like this.  With money that’s in very short supply.

A military vehicle parked at the Hemdat junction, waiting for something.

My car is filled with goods for three families.  I distribute as needed.  The children ask for a soccer ball and bicycles.  They gladly accept everything else.  Morning coffee with one family, tea with a second, a conversation at the home of a third including a guest of theirs, a Palestinian Israeli who also visits them to help as he can.  The conversation makes obvious the growing fears of Israeli Ara bs about Israel’s nationalistic policy.  “Allah yustor” – may God help us.

But today is quiet.  They’ll wait until tomorrow to come disrupt life in Hadidya.  Today they still know nothing.