Maktal Umm Salem - Israel Kaplan's sheep ate all the seeds

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Raya Y. (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad D. Translator: Natanya

Route 60:

A military jeep is standing by the side of the road at the entrance to Zanuta. Reminder: Zanuta was abandoned more than a month ago, due to threats, harassment and violence by the settlers in the illegal sheep farms that were founded in the area in recent years.

Route 317:

A checkpoint was set up at the intersection from Route 60, which includes a military vehicle whose role is to check all Palestinian vehicles heading to Road 317.

We went to the small village of Mufaqara, located opposite the settlement of Avigayil. A number of families scattered in the area live in caves and very basic buildings in difficult living conditions.

Fadel, the caveman, reports settlers across the road watching the grounds of Mufaqara and their house and cave and their fields. Fadel says that a few days ago a surveyor came to inspect the area and all the lands in the area of Mufaqara were measured and marked.

The settlers, probably from Avigail, went further and brought a yellow caravan that was placed close to their territories. Fadel says that he does not come up to work the land and is afraid to go to his lands because both the settlers and the soldiers drive him away.

Mufaqara is actually surrounded on three sides by the settlement of Avigayil, Havat Ma'on and the relatively new farm, Daroma Farm.

While we are there, Amar Abu-Awwad calls us. Amar left his compound in Maktal Umm Salem due to the threats and violence of the settlers from Israel Kaplan's Mikne Yehuda farm. He set up his encampment at the southwestern end of the town of Samu’ (area B), near the encampment of Saleh, who also left his encampment in the Upper Wadada area (south of Meitar Farms), due to violence by those settlers (well, also those of Meitarim Farms).

Amar reports that the Israel Kaplan family's shepherds harass them even in their new place of residence. The lands of the Abu Awwad family are cultivated and seeds were sown in them for the summer, during the sowing process they scattered the vegetable seeds, covered them with a little soil, and waited for the seeds to germinate. Unfortunately, Israel Kaplan's sheep came to the family's land and ate all the seeds. The seeds went, the sheep had no food , the livelihood went.

Amar and 7 other family members arrived in the area to drive the sheep away, after a few moments the soldiers arrived and arrested two of the eight family members, claiming that one of them had raised a stone against a settler, and the other wanted to steal a weapon from a soldier. Amar claims that everything is a lie and there was no violence on their part. The settlers want to remove them, even though it is area B, which they, in the meantime, the settlers cannot control.

Yesterday, the detention of the two detaineesinfo-icon was extended by eight days. One law for the Israelis and another law for the Palestinians.

Note: We heard and told the same story (without pictures) also from the mouth of Saleh who evacuated from Wadada, now lives near Amar, and also participated in the attempt to expel the settlers from the scattered area.