South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Nina and Hagit S.Sh.;Translator: Tal H.

Reminder: less than a week ago, last Thursday, we reported the demolition and expropriation of the residential shack of the Jabour family near the Palestinian village of Susya.  The family remained exposed without a roof over its head, in the heat of the sun, dazed with the way it was treated by the Israeli army and the Civil Administration – who came without warning and without presenting any kind of warrant. It issued the order post factum!

We went to see how they are and proceeded from there.

We found only the woman and two of her children there, the husband had gone off to work. They raised a new structure-shack-tent at the same spot, a little further off the road (we were told that if they rebuild on the exact same spot, they invite immediate demolition so they are trying to win some time…).

The woman – Umm Ahmad – says they raised the new shack after 2-3 days, and the next morning representatives of the Civil Administration came, observed them from above, took pictures, spoke on the phone and left.

She was afraid and went to her Susya neighbors across the road.

The little girl fell ill because of the extreme heat to which she was exposed without any shade, and reached the infirmary with fever. She is still suffering from a skin rash.

Since then they have not heard anything and live in fear, but as they said last week – it’s their land, and they do not intend to move away. With everything they have undergone – the mother and the girls are still very  friendly and glad to meet us, and the woman is amazed to  hear that we are Israelis…(”Israel! So you did this to us?” We showed her our tag (Machsomwatch) and Mohammad (the driver) added an explanation about the work we do informing the public in Israel…)

We crossed the road and visited Azzam and Wadha in Susya. Azzam, as usual, is ready to talk, discuss the situation and analyze it. Wadha served us tea with za'tar.

Azzam started his teeth treatment. We wished him success.