Mufaqara - they are afraid of the settlers and don't go out to graze the flock

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Michal (reporting); Translator: Natanya We came to visit Fadel Hamamada because he and his family suffer
מופקרה - מיכל עם פאדל

We came to visit Fadel Hamamada because he and his family suffer a lot from the settlers all the time and from the  Civil Administrationinfo-icon.

He tells about a settler who lives in a bus between the outpost Mitzpe Abigail and himself, who constantly comes around with an ATV and throws stones and drives his children with the sheep away. His son, Adham was also wounded in the head by a stone two weeks ago.

And since then, they are afraid and don't go out to graze the flock.  According to him, this settler was also rejected by the settlers from Mitzpe Abigail and there are conflicts between them.

In addition, he has a demolition order from the Civil Administrationinfo-icon without a definite date on the broken-down building in which his wives, children and grandchildren live. This problem is dealt by St. Yves, an organization of Arabs and Jews who help the Palestinians, based in both Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

He has submitted all the documents required to prove his ownership of the "house" and has already paid the requested thousands and is waiting.

During our visit, the mobile clinic of Doctors for Human Rights came to vaccinate the babies and treat those who need it. Fadel says they are always short of medicine.

Fadel says that until the Feast of the Sacrifice there were foreign volunteers whose presence helped him a lot. They were forced to leave during the holiday and have not yet returned.

He hopes they will return to live with him and give him security and help him face the settlers.