Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Semadar and Michal (reporting); Translator:Natanya

Only merchants and construction workers pass through the Meitar checkpoint.

Then crossing 11 opens. This is what they call it. I wonder why the army ignores and allow this and if it's okay then why a barrier at all. 11 is the sign for pedestrians. That's why it's called Barrier 11.

Fake culture – what we see is breaking all the previous records.

We went to Susiya because we heard that there were demolitions. Nasser was at the place which is called Meghayer el Abid in Masafer Yatta on the edge of the Judean desert. When we spoke to him he said only a 4 by 4 could get there. So we said that he should send us what he had photographed and then I would send it on.

We arrived at the house of Wadha and Azzam (if you can call it a  home). Wadha as always greets us with a beaming smile, a smile that hides a drama that took place an hour before our arrival. During our conversation, it turned out that members of the Civil Administrationinfo-icon and the army had  arrived by surprise. There has been a skimmer in recent days. What did it show? Building materials that their son-in-law had  bought to renovate his house next to them. A truck and 50 people arrived to confiscate all the materials. 50 Palestinian residents of Susiya came to try  to prevent the army from doing so.  The army fired gas grenades and activated a device that makes unbearable noise. Wadha, who suffers from her heart and from  asthma, immediately ran home. The others probably did too. The army took everything and drove off.

That's how they live there.

The evil towards them is inconceivable. And in the settlement Susiya the new neighborhood of villas is growing.