In the Uja area there is good grazing, but not for the Palestinian flock

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Ariel F., Shahar S. (Reporting), Marcia L., Translation

Today we escorted the flocks of Umm Rashad, Abu Ismael (in his place, his son, Ashraf), and of his son, Ismael, in the area of Auja.  We were on the northern side of the highway that leads to the Nun-Dlaet Monument, a 1977 Helicopter disaster site. Grazing time was short and quiet. ‎There isn’t a lot of grass. When we went with Umm Rashad to her home in the village of A-Diyuk, she showed us the area covered with grass between the village and the settlement of Mevo'ot Jericho. She expressed how much she would like to graze there, so close to home.  Oren, the Civilian security coordinator (RAVSHATZ) of the settlement, “forbade” them (to graze there). She knows that he does not have the authority to do that, but she is afraid of him. 

After accompanying the shepherds, we went to visit Nadia and Ismael in Nu’eima.  Around their  vegetable garden they've planted a Poinciana tree, olives, figs, grapevines, and another poinciana opposite the house.  The plants are irrigated by water they bring to the place.