Accompanying shepherds in Khalet Makhoul

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Shachar, Amir Nocham and Hagar Gefen (photos and report)

A bit after 7 a.m. we reached the shepherd’s home at Khalat Makhoul. We terminated our activity around 11 a.m. The grazing went unhampered.

The advantage of being three accompaniers is in walking not far from the road leading to Hemdat settler-colony, and a bit below the small army base. The shepherd himself does not tend to get close either to the road nor to the base. Grazing today was shortened because the area where the barley is stored had to be vacated and cleaned, and the plastic coverings had to be prepared, as well as waiting for the barley grain truck. 

There were five of us – the shepherd’s wife and us three. We did not wait for the truck because of additional activity. There is much work around grazing, and it is never over…

We ate with the shepherd, his wife, and his youngest daughter – and then proceeded on our way.