Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Muhammad, Semadar, Daphna; Translator: Natanya

According to Muhammad, there was an early morning traffic congestion at Meitar Checkpoint, the car park and its sides are full.

We drove from Highway 60 to 317, meager traffic.

We reached Umm Fakara. Although  there are buildings, above the surface, they sleep in a cave in winter. We sat in the cave, with Fadel, his wife and the children. The cave was full of smoke because they warm water on the fire. They are all freezing. Fadel  has not worked for a long time, because the kids are sick, because of the cold and he's the only one who can take them for treatment. In addition, the next day there was to  be a trial where it would be decided whether to evict them all.    We are waiting for an update .....

From there we went to A-Tuwani where we met Basel who said there were demolition orders. The settlers have broken all the trees that had been planted at the event about two weeks ago and they have planted again, one tree.

So infuriating .

On Route 317 opposite the A-Tuwani entrance, Palestinian tankers and water buyers stand buying from Mekorot which has put a tap there and sells to the Palestinians, of course, very expensive.

On the way to 60 you can see the blocks the army has made, with stones and dirt, at the exits from the small villages which lead to Yatta.

At the exit of Meitar Checkpoint, the parking lot was partially empty. It may be because of the mud caused by the the rains or that many did not have a job and they returned home earlier.