Hamra: How to improve life - steal from the Palestinians

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Ali, Dudi and Rachel A., Reporting and Photos Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham Ali

We accompanied the flocks belonging to Muyin in Hamra where things were liable to take an unfortunate turn.  The day passed quietly and the weather was pleasant.  There was a small amount of greenery growing and the area was hilly and steep and it would have been easy to slip and fall down.   The sheep, as well as Muyin, were relatively pleased. 

The grazing began late.  Beforehand they managed to feed the newly born lambs and kids.  We also ate a delicious breakfast of freshly baked bread.    

One of the4 children was dressed in a suit for the occasion of receiving report cards at school before vacation began.  He would walk three kilometers to and from school accompanied by one of his brothers.

The farm belonging to Moshe the settler was close by on the hill just above us.  We could see how it was developing.

We returned from grazing the flocks at 12:30.  The family was happy to receive clothing, shoes, and games that we had brought.

From there we continued to the fenced-in area that the settlers had built in a field belonging to Palestinians.   .They had put up the fence and brought in water two weeks ago, and this time there were already  grazing freely in the field that the Palestinians had planted.   One of the “hill boys” was riding around on an ATV e guarding the herd, and reported our presence to others.  The Palestinians attempted to deal with the problem through the local council.  It is hard to believe they will succeed.   Yesterday we heard on the news that the government plans on improving the financial situation of the settlers as opposed to the Palestinians.   This improvement has already begun.  They have already claimed a field belonging to the Palestinians in broad daylight because, according to the youth driving the ATV, “the Prime Minister is the owner.”