South Hebron Hills

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Michal, Muhammed

We had not been to Hebron for a long period of time, and we found that the breaches in the fence near the Meitar checkpoint have been closed and now there are cement blocks every 100 meters with soldiers stationed there.

Today is a murky day and visibility is not good, but it is possible to see what if happening.

At the entrance to El Fawwar there are policemen who are inspecting licenses and checking to see if vehicles are road worthy.

In Hebron, Israeli flags are flown in every corner in various sizes. There are also soldiers on every corner, near the House of Contention, on the worshipers' axis, and also in the Cave of the Patriarchs plaza. There are also yellow checkpoints, in addition to Border Police.

Abed at the souvenir shop looks exhausted and is not himself, nevertheless, he tries to smile and tells us that everything is good. The lack of control and uncertainty in his life are expressed in the interpretations he gives to the behavior of the soldiers in front of him.

Other than that, the city is almost empty of people. People get up late and do not walk around much because of Ramadan.