Settlers attack new house in Burin

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Carol Cook, Fathiya (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

12:35  Habla

The gaps in the fence have been closed with razor wire.  A tent has replaced the inspection point at the gate; soldiers are stationed to prevent infiltration.

About 20 people wait for the gate to open at 13:30.

The solders arrive only at 13:40, stand around talking and the gate opens only at 13:45.

14:00  ‘Azzun

Ten soldiers stood at the entrance to ‘Azzun inspecting vehicles leaving, creating a line that extended to the road.

14:30  Huwwara

Three military vehicles at the Huwwara-Yitzhar junction plaza.  About ten soldiers stood at the plaza and the military position beside it.  The checkpoint wasn’t manned.  There were soldiers only in the guard tower and also at Beit Furik.

15:00  We reached Burin

Doha, our friend from Burin, accompanied us to a house damaged by settler attacks, in particular the attack on Saturday, May 7.

The home, belonging to Ibrahim Mahmud Eid, is new, and the family moved in only a few months ago.  It’s almost isolated from the other nearby homes.  It’s about 300-400 meters from Giv’at Ronen, and a day doesn’t go by without settlers attacking it.

On that Saturday in particular they stormed the house, threw rocks at the windows, broke the panes, and the settlement’s security guard chased ‘Adel, the son, with weapon drawn, intending to harm him.

The house resembles a fortress.  The windows have not only bars but also steel netting to prevent the rocks from entering the house.  The glass panels of the solar heating system have been broken a few times so they are finally also covered with steel netting.  It looks surreal.  A grenade that landed on the roof caused damage and black holes.  Asil, the daughter, says that it’s worse that being in jail.  There, at least, you can sleep undisturbed, but we’re unable to close our eyes.  They have a five-year-old son who’s not allowed to leave the house for the courtyard and they added locks to the entry door, which is also of iron, to prevent the son from leaving and being harmed by settlers. 

They said the settlers ran amok when soldiers arrived and stood by without intervening.

18:00  On our way home we saw many soldiers among the olive trees in the grove opposite the village of Madama.