Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Yehudit K. (reporting) and M.; Translator: Natanya

We decided to make a tour of the places we saw last week. At Meitar Checkpoint at 8:00 AM, people passed through, mainly merchants who pass only after 07.00. We did not  see any illegal workers but there were many women on the Israeli side in the direction of Dahariya on foot and looking for transport. This is because we are approaching the holiday and it is usual then to buy new clothes. We continued on Route 60 where there was much traffic. Trucks of ash - gravel, sand and so forth in both directions.- we saw no soldiers and no post was manned except for Meitar of course. At the junction of Route 60 with 317, we turned south and drove to Bani Na'im's back entrance, which was also open. The  Zif junction was empty and there was little traffic at 317. We returned to Route 60 with medium traffic and trucks .  A few people on the road, except for the Meitar checkpoint, which is the collection station, apparently for shopping in Dahariya.