Accompanying shepherds near Hamra: A settler harasses

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.Oded P., Gil H., Hagar G. (report and photos) Translation: Danah E.


West of Hamra and slightly south of Beit Hassan

We started our shift with the shepherd above the Hamra settlement and south in the high area. Oded stayed with him (on the string of harassments  and abuse - Oded's Facebook), and we went westward with Gil to another shepherd family.

The meeting was intended to strengthen the relationship with them, to report on the ongoing legal process involving one of the sons (who was abused by the settler and his friends from the outpost uphill). We also planned to build an escort program that would connect the son’s spouse to our activities.

The conversation with the father of the family went on for a while. Two members in our companion group have witnessed the son’s conflict with the settler and his men and are aware of the legal process.

So as you see, I’ve laid out  some of the other activities in the group of shepherds' companions.

It is important to know their language, of course. 

We returned to the pasture quickly as we realized that the shepherd, the herd and Oded were being detained by the settler boys. The legal guideline in this case suggests filing a complaint online.

Sometimes, an important part of the accompaniment is the conversations with the shepherd or with the girls of the family on the way back home, and so we did.

We went back to the pools where we had left the car..