Burin - Telephone Report - Settlers accompanied by military force attacked a resident

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Fathiya A (A telephone report.) Translator: Charles K.
Jewish Terror

On Saturday, 13.3.21, at 4 PM, a large group of settlers from Giv’at Ronen, accompanied by soldiers, attacked Muntasir Nafa, a resident of Burin, while he was building his home northeast of the village, near the Giv’at Ronen settlement.  He fled and alerted his neighbors and youths and many people came to help him.  Meanwhile, the settlers managed to demolish a portion of the construction. 

The soldiers intervened with tear gas grenades, smoke grenades, and live fire.  Two youths were injured.  One, Hamada Muhammad Rashid Amran, was wounded and is hospitalized in serious condition.  The second youth was wounded in the shoulder, was treated, and returned home.  Soldiers in a jeep chased a twelve-year-old boy through the village alleys.  He managed to escape into one of the homes and collapsed in fear.  Villagers describe the events as a war that continued for two hours before the soldiers left.

Note:  Prior to the pandemic, Vivi and I had visited that house.  We saw the damage and destruction caused by the settlers.  We considered returning, but I don’t think we’ll be allowed to enter because of the closureinfo-icon.