Mufaqara - daily harassment from the settler Amihai Shilo

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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing) with Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
מופקרה - בת משפחת פאדל
חיילים מאבטחים את חוות מעון מול תוואני

We went to Mufaqara to visit Fadel who suffers from daily harassment from the settler, Amihai Shilo in his new farm and the notorious Havat Ma’on settlers. 

Fadel: "In the morning we went with the sheep to graze in our territories. At 9:30 a settler came from Havat Ma'on and said: "Fuck off " and started driving the sheep away. Another one arrived, both 17-18 years old. One of them had a gun and said: "My territory, everything here is ours, not yours. You are not allowed to be here."

I went with the sheep to let them drink. Meanwhile, another settler arrived with his herd and called someone called Tomer or Itamar who came. They came after him with an ATV and after them came settlers dressed in uniform. And everyone tried to expel us. We called the police. The policemen came and went to talk to the settlers and we were not allowed to approach. Everyone said: "Fuck off .“

"That's it. I just got home. I don't have the strength and I’m so thirsty’ but I won't drink until after the fast ends." . We looked around and saw the police and army vehicles speeding on their way back to Mitzpe Avigayil. On the path below, Operation Dove volunteers who were with the herdsmen are returning to At-Tuwani.

Fadel says the police called them and questioned them.

On our way back we saw along the way concrete posts manned by soldiers monitoring the roads and not allowing people to move beyond the area closest to their homes. Can you imagine how it is not being able to move outside your living area?

The routine of life which is hard to accept.

















A daily routine that is hard to bear.


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