Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Nili, Hagit (reporting and photographing); Translator:  Charles K.

Yatta is surrounded.

Wednesday’s terrible attack in Tel Aviv, carried out by two young men from a large hamula in Yatta, led the army to surround Yatta.

Yatta is located in the Southern Hebron Hills, bounded by three highways – Highway 60 (there’s a road to Yatta at Kvasim junction), Highway 317 (the road near Susya and Khirbet Tuwwani) and Highway 356 from Bani Na’im to Yatta - the Zif junction road, the main entrance to Yatta.

During the Shavuot holiday, until 2 PM today, Yatta was surrounded.  The army opened the road to Meitar crossing via Dura and al Fawwar for workers with permits.

We left at midday for our shift and were happy to discover that half an hour prior to our arrival the bulldozer had worked hard to removed the barriers on Highways 356 and 60.  The barriers on Highway 317 remained in place.

Some photos:

Near Susya, below the army base.  It’s lucky that vacation has begun and teachers don’t have to go through there.  Otherwise they’d be like the car that’s stuck there.













This is how the entrance to Yatta from Khirbet Tuwwani looks, and this is what it apparently looks like when someone tries to bypass the obstacles.






This is what Highway 356 looks like.




Kvasim junction and Zif junction have been reopened.













It was very hot.  We didn’t run into many people.  They’re hungry (Ramadan) and sad.  Those we met strongly criticized the attack; they fear Da’ash as much as they fear us.  They say it was Da’ash, not them.  The attackers weren’t freedom fighters.