Northern checkpoints: End of Ramadan Month – a tired morning, as expected

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Yael Lavie and Shuli Bar. Translation T.H

5:45 a.m. Barta’a checkpoint

The atmosphere at the checkpoint is affected by the Ramadan month of fasting, especially the tired mornings typical of these days.  Tomorrow people were happy to inform us that Ramadan will be over. There is no great waiting line at the turnstile, but some delay on the fence track, or at the ‘terminal’ has created a larger waiting line than usual. Apparently here as well as at the other checkpoints less people have arrived.

Yael, new in the northern Machsomwatch volunteer group, remembers Huwwara  Checkpoint of 15 years ago… The mornings there at the time were chaotic to say the least. However, even in the quiet, calm order and discipline of the present the same horror lies.

6:20 a.m. Aneen Checkpoint

We came early and the Military Police were late. This is usually the case. Gatesinfo-icon were opened, posts taken, weapons at the ready and pointed at people entering the checkpoint and at the backs of those exiting the checkpoint towards the seam-line zone. Who wants to begin his day like this? Within 20 minutes a few pedestrians and two tractors were through.  As we said – a sluggish time.

7: 10 a.m. Tayibe Roumana Checkpoint

We were early, and so were the Military Police. But order is order and they remained seated in their vehicle, and only at 7:30 did they bother to come out and open the gates.

Very few pedestrians came through this morning, and one tractor.