A-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, The Meitar parking lot is full. The Border Patrol is present near the checkpoint and its surroundings, many more than usual checking permits.

We drove through Route 317.

In Asael, new caravans have been added and the question is, is this  legal?

In the Susiya settlement, a new road was paved to  the fields.

We arrived in Susiya and were told that the settlers were coming to their territories and expelling the Palestinians with their own flocks from their pasturesThe police were called, but did not come ....

Recently, the army put up checkpoints near Susiya and Yatta, for a day, checking and catching those with something illegal and give a fine of about 4000 NIS.

We continued to A-Tuwani, through Mitzpe Abigail. The army, at the time of Operation Wall Guard, put up cement barriers at the entrance to Umm Fukara and to this day these have not been removed. They must pass through A-TuwaniBassel says there are many blockages in nearby villagesHe is pleased that social media is increasingly writing about what is happening in the territories and sharing it with the Israeli public.