Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya, Zif Junction

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Raya and Hagit S. S. (reporting); Natanya translating

The Meitar crossing was simple and quiet, both entering and leaving.

We went to Susiya as we had not been there for a long time. But Azzam and Nasser were not at home. His wife  and father welcomed us.

We spoke for a while also about the house that was demolished in Wadi Shahas, west of here. 

Now because of all the blockages of the roads in the area, they can no longer go by foot to Yatta. They have to take the way around which is very long and winding. We asked if it is good that we visit and the father replied, “It is always good that you come, but it does not help.”

We then went northwards and, as we reported before, we saw that all the roads leading to Yatta and other villages have been blocked with boulders,  dirt barriers and gatesinfo-icon. At Zif’s shop , as everywhere else, there are not customers  - maybe because of the heatwave and also more so because of the general feeling.

We did not go into Hebron , just looked at the house of the bereaved Ariel family at the entrance to Kiryat Arba – the lone house  north of the road.

We got to the road of Shuyukh-Sair which was blocked in both directions. There, as in the entire area, are the red signs which call to join the protest opposite the prime minister’s house concerning the lack of security for the inhabitants of the area.

In the opposite direction on road 60 here and there are barriers with soldiers who maybe allow people through…so it is at the entrance to the industrial area of Hebron.

The entrance opposite the house of Beit Hagai is open. Maybe this is a sign that  the there is a gradual release of pressure.

Deir Razah is closed  and the passage is “back to back”. Abda, Karmeh, Dahariya and Samoa---the entrances are still blocked. 

I am reminded of the words in the Peisach Seder ´ And when tortured - multiply and break out ...’.