Al Arrub - despair of the grocery owner

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Leah Shakdiel and Hagit (reporting). Muhammad at the wheel. Translator: Natanya
אל ערוב - אבראהים מהמכולת

Near Zanuta on Route 60, military vehicles monitor a new exit route for the Illegal workers.

At the southeast entrance to Bani Naim near the Mekorot pillbox and the Mekorot water facility, a Mekorot security vehicle rotates. The entrance to Bani Naim is open and we cross it on our way back to Route 60.

Givat Gal is a neighborhood of Kiryat Arba between the industrial area and road 60. The lands were "bought" from the Idris family.

The road bypassing Al Arrub   and Halhul was opened to traffic at every intersection on the road and guard posts of soldiers have been built on both sides of it.

Ibrahim from the grocery store at the entrance to Al Arrub tells us that he is thinking of closing the grocery store because now that they opened the new bypass road yesterday there is no more traffic.

With great sadness and terrible despair, he adds that yesterday at half past three in the morning more than 50 soldiers came to his brother's house and took him into custody. His brother is a member of the Palestinian police force and a father of small children himself.

The soldiers broke down the doors and entered. Everyone was woken up and the little children were crying.

It is no longer just the occupation. It is hatred of enemies.

And there is nowhere to take the shame and sorrow.

This. Enough evil for one shift.