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Nurit P. (photographs), Hadas K, Raya Y. (reporting), Uri G. (journalist)

The session was planned as a visit to mourners in Duma, and to check the matter of the confiscation of keys of taxi drivers in Ariel.

12:00 From Kfar ha-Yarok to Duma

A visit to the Dawabshe family, whose son, Muhammad, was killed in the parking garage collapse in Ramat ha-Hayal. We arrived at the (all-women) mourning house, where we stayed for about an hour.  Silence and sadness prevailed. They expressed appreciation for our visit.

Being in Duma, we took the opportunity to visit Ahmad. We found a sweet, serious boy,  busy building in Lego.  The village itself is quiet because of the mourning, and the council is inactive because of the holiday, Eid al-Adha.

15:55. Zaatra junction

 Empty. No traffic, also because of the holiday.

16:00. Ariel junction

No traffic and no taxis.  We are told that this is because of the holiday. We had intended to photograph the confiscation of taxi keys, but we will do so next week.

Mourning Women.jpg