'Azzun, Eyal Crossing, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Daphne  B. A., Karin L. (reporting); Translator:  Louise L.

05:30 – Eyal – Crowds of people have crossed at the checkpoint and are now gathering in the parking where buses, vans and private cars are waiting for them. Through the fences we see an endless line of men of all ages walking fast along the passage after exiting the building. Old men waiting for somebody to drive them to work are crowding in the open area. In the background, a large group of people is praying.

A gate is barring the access from behind, but through the fences we can see the Palestinians arriving and joining the crowded line which keeps advancing along the fence.

We drive on through Tzofim Checkpoint where no farmers are trying to cross to the other side.

06:15 North Falamiya (914) – The soldiers are locking the gate. Everybody has crossed.

06:35 South Falmiya/North Jayyus (935) – Some wagons and tractors and about 10 pedestrians are hurrying through after their permits have been checked. When we ask the soldiers about the gate at North Jayyus they answer that it won't open "because of security problems, they are looking for somebody." Again, collective punishment?

We want to know what is going on, but I miss the entrance to the road leading to North Jayyus. We drive through the center of the village and reach South Jayyus (1012). A few wagons and a tractor with an old farmer and his wife are waiting. The man tells us that he has a two year permit, but that his sons have no permits, even though he has 150 dunam of olive trees. It's hard for him and his wife to do the work on their own, but they keep working because they are not prepared to give up their land. Last Sabbath a group of Israelis came to help picking.  The soldiers arrive and everybody gets ready to cross.  After all the people have crossed, one of the soldiers checks at what hour they are supposed to close the gate.

We keep driving on the road to Nabi Iliyas. We find the passage under the new bypass road which has been built for the settlers and continue driving to visit Z. in Azzun. An army vehicle is parking on the right side of the road. At the exit, there were only some armed soldiers on the other side. 

Jayyus south, waiting for the approaching army
Jayyus south, waiting for the approaching army
Karin L.