Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara

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Iris S., Nurit P. and a guest. With Nadim

Changing of the guard. There are queues at both gatesinfo-icon. On the Palestinian side, they are waiting to begin the afternoon shift and there's a queue on the side of the seamline zone, of those wishing to return to their villages.

A truck, heavily loaded with trees and plants, enters the gate. Cars and donkeys and horses with carts wait for a sign from the soldiers, permitting them to pass through the gate. We get the impression that the passage is flowing. When we ask whether there are problems we get a negative reply.

While we were still standing there a driver from one of the cars waved at us. It turned out that it was our friend from the plant nursery. He said the soldiers now are 'alright'. They don’t make the passage difficult. 



                        The Habla CP at the opening time at noon


14:15 Huwwara CP

The is no blockage and there hardly any cars. The few cars that arrive at this hour are not delayed. Perhaps because of the Ramadan and the hot day.

14:30 – Burin

A visit with a family coordinated beforehand. The visit was made especially to maintain the connection with the family. D., the mother, tells us about her difficulties with the soldiers during the olive harvest. Sometimes the work is stopped because settlers come, armed, to harass and threaten them during their harvesting. Sometimes they block the road to the groves, and then the Palestinians are obliged to carry away the olive sacks instead of loading them on the tractor. We promised that we would come to help and to be with them this year during the olive picking period (October).

During the visit, we had the chance to see a bit of folklore. In the afternoon the preparations for the Ramadan begin. Poultry for the holiday dinner is baked in a big stone oven or in special holes in the ground. About three or four people arrived, leave the seasoned fowl and coming to fetch it when it's baked, an hour or two later.


Borin Oven
A stone oven


Borin Oven
A barrel sunk in the ground for smoking poultry


A Border Police vehicle parked on the main street of Huwwara


16:00 – Huwwara

The street is busy. A Border Police jeep is parked at the side of the road, and Border Policemen stand next to it. There is crowding. We parked at some distance from the jeep and I went to see what the excitement was about. While I walked the jeep drove away but the soldiers remained standing, a Palestinian boy next to them. The shop owners told me that he was being interrogated because he had spilled some water. Quite astonishing but this is the information I got. After the event they told me that the boy was alright and nothing had happened to him.



Soldiers and a Palestinian boy with them.


16:30 – Za’atara intersection

The traffic at the intersection flows. There are soldiers at the hitch-hiking station and also at the bus stops on the road to Ariel.