Masafer Yatta - a visit to Khalet al-Daba

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya
מסאפר יטא - גן ירק בח'לת אל-דבע
מסאפר יטא - חקלאות בח'לת אל-דבע

We drove to At-Tuwani to meet Raya and Rachel Afek who wanted to join the shift. 

In At-Tuwani we met Fuad Amor who heads the Committee for the Struggle for the Lands (Sumud).

The conversation with him was filmed by Rachel.

He told about what was happening at Masafer Yatta. On days and nights, at different and odd hours, the army arrives and asks to see who is at home. Checking certificates and taking photos, and recording. The argument is that only those who live there are allowed to be in this house.

Khalet al-Daba

From here there is an observation of the whole area, and all the villages we were in a week ago. We are told that they themselves number 15 families.

Four months ago 5 cisterns were destroyed. The photographs show the attempt to live in this place, with vegetable and flower beds. Everything is well-kept and heartbreaking.

In all these spaces there are squares of one kind of agriculture or another. It is difficult not to compare their villages with the settlements of the settlers, which are full of means of all kinds. 

We also met Erela Donayevsky and Yair Ron from the Villages Group, who for many years drive steadily and stubbornly to this area, in an old and ruined car. It is worth remembering the violent encounter they had a week ago with IDF representatives. Admirable.